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This is the last time I’ll mention it for a very long time. There’s a fine line between loving somebody and being in love with somebody. It took me years to figure it out and to be honest, I don’t know if I have it down, yet (I probably don’t).

But there’s a fine line and that line distinguishes you from all of the prior trials, and with that, all of your mistakes in your pursuit to find this “love”.

It’s easy to love somebody. You can love anybody for their million dollar smile and the way you find yourself melting in their eyes after a couple of cocktails or two. It’s easy to love somebody when you see them in their natural and vulnerable state; it’s easy to adore the boy across the hall when you catch him bobbing his head to whatever music moves him. It’s so easy to love a girl for her summertime laugh and how her cheeks turn pink if you stare at her a moment too long.

What’s hard is falling in love with someone for what are.. the same traits and reasons but just dipped in tar and stained. It’s human fallibility that is hard to consider when you claim you love somebody the way you do. It’s hard to love a woman wailing above acceptable volume, it’s hard to love a boy who might give himself to temptation and it’s damn hard to believe him when he tells you that he still loves you. What’s even harder is when a girl is placed in his position and what becomes nearly impossible to love is when their blood draws too near and you begin to see qualities that are, in actuality, very very hard to love.

But that’s the fine line. If you claim you’ve truly fallen in love, you are in for one helluva ride and God forbid it to be easy. But please find time in a day to learn how to differentiate. Falling in love with somebody will take time and sometimes you won’t know it until you’ve seen all sides to a person, until you’ve gone through and positioned yourself from all angles. Being in love with somebody will come afterwards, after all of the obligatory fairy tale kisses and movie-like scripts, after all of the hoo-ha that people mistaken to be the best times in a relationship. But what sets a relationship apart from any other is it’s resilience and capability to see the other person in all of his or her pool of flaws to find that you still love them. It’s the decision to acknowledge their mistakes while remembering them for who they are. For the stories they’ve shared like that time in the 3rd grade they were afraid to sleep because they learned what dying might mean. Or how often they really thought of Barbie dolls and toy cars when they were of age to (how it wasn’t often at all). When you fall in love with a person, so deeply, and completely: there isn’t anything that could confront you and force you to think, “Oh, never-mind.”

It’s okay to love somebody. It’s actually wonderful to. But know the difference. Because it’s rare for somebody to truly fall in love without terms or conditions. If you do happen to find it, you’re one of the lucky ones.

– 1112pm (via 1112pm)


did-you-kno: lets you enter whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and tells you what you can make with them. Source

An Australian modular home builder designed a concept for a 5-story house that hangs off the side of a cliff. The design uses steel pins to keep the home secured to the edge of the rock.





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